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514 Bugs! Inoutscripts Shopping Cart Made A New Guiness World Record

It is well known that Inoutscripts is the No. 1 phishing scamming software company lacated in Kerala India. Inout Scripts Shopping Cart has 514 bugs (errors and warnings) and it created a new Guiness World Record. It’s true. It’s not a joking. It’s not a joking. More than 500 bugs with Inoutscripts Shooping Cart Can…

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The Inoutscripts Scammer Replied me like this

I got a reply from the Inout Scripts Executive. Unfortunately, they did not admit they are phishing scammers and promise to revise these fake scripts, but falsely criticized my server and DNS. The fact about my server and DNS are as follows: They just overstated these Inoutscripts softwares to induce customers to buy. Finally, they…

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Be Careful! Inout Scripts Web Portal is not working at all

I bought the inout scripts Web portal and its addon for $398 totally. They said this script integrated with the other scripts I purchased could make a yahoo style site. Finally, I found this script was not compatible with the other scripts. In addition, this software is full of bugs. They took the money and…

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Inout Scripts Adserver : still has 1 error and 134 Warnings

I checked the Inout Scripts Adserver script with To my surprise, there are still 1 error and 134 warnings with it after 15 months troubleshooting with Inoutscripts supporters Nair and Saranya. In addition, most of the addons are not working at all. The inoutscripts software has security vurnerability. It had been attacked 3 times.…

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