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Genetic Analysis for Detection of DNA Protein Interactions

An Introduction to Genetic Analysis. Table of Contents On almost every page of Introduction to Genetic Analysis, we recreate the landmark experiments in genetics and have the students analyze the data and draw … – Modern Genetic Analysis. Table of Contents Modern Genetic Analysis was written for instructors and students who need a textbook…

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Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) Glycogen Staining Protocol

Fixation: 10% formalin for 10 minutes. Section: paraffin sections at 6 micro meter. Solutions and Reagents: 0.5 % Periodic Acid Solution: Periodic acid  ——————- 0.5 g Distilled water ——————100 ml Schiff Reagent Hematoxylin Solution: Procedure: Deparaffinize and rehydrate. Rinse in 0.5% periodic acid solution for 10 minutes. Rinse in distilled water. Place in Schiff reagent for…

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Biodiversity worsens all over the world, in urgency to cope with

An intergovernmental ecological body said on Friday that the biodiversity, the essential variety of life forms on Earth, continued to decline in every region of the world, significantly reducing nature’s capacity to contribute to people’s well-being. Those alarming trends are endangering economies, livelihoods, food security and the quality of life of people everywhere, according to…

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Deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates (dNTPs)

Dissolve each dNTP in distilled water at an approximate concentration of 100 mM. Adjust to pH 7.0 with 0.05 M Tris base using a micropipette (use pH paper to check the pH). Dilute an aliquot of the neutralized dNTP appropriately, and read the optical density at the wavelengths given in the table below. Base                    Wavelength                          Extinction coefficient…

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2.5 M CaCl2 (20 ml)

Weigh out 13.5 g CaCl2?H2O and dissolve in 15 ml of distilled water. Make up volume to 20 ml with distilled water. Sterilize the solution by filtration through a 0.22 micron filter. <STORAGE> Store in 1 ml aliquots at -20 C.…

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