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Whale killing: DNA shows Iceland whale was rare hybrid

Genetic material from a large whale killed off the coast of Iceland has confirmed the creature was a rare hybrid. Campaigners had been concerned that the slaughtered animal was a protected blue whale, the largest species on the planet. Now DNA has shown it to be the offspring of a blue and a fin whale,…

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DNAse Footprinting Resource

Core Footprinting System Technical Bulletin TB137 T e ch ni cal Bu llet in. Core Footprinting System. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE OF PRODUCT E3730. PRINTED IN USA. Revised 6/06. Part# TB137. AF9TB137. 0606TB137   Catharineís Footprint Protocol Catharineís Footprint Protocol. August, 1999. This protocol assumes that the user has already performed gel-shift experiments with their…

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Hundreds of new “smart genes” discovered by brain scientists

Scientists have identified hundreds of new genes associated with intelligence, a joint research project from the University of Queensland’s Brain Institute and its partners in the Netherlands revealed on Tuesday. As well as the 939 new “smart genes,” the authors said in another study that they had identified over 500 genes associated with neuroticism, an…

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Researchers make sperm from stem cell in dish

Researchers have found a way to turn mouse embryonic stem cells into sperm and this finding opens up new avenues for infertility research and treatment, according to a study published Thursday in the online edition of journal Cell, A Kyoto University team coaxed mouse embryonic stem cells into sperm precursors, called primordial germ cells (PGCs),…

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Genetic Analysis for Detection of DNA Protein Interactions

An Introduction to Genetic Analysis. Table of Contents On almost every page of Introduction to Genetic Analysis, we recreate the landmark experiments in genetics and have the students analyze the data and draw … – Modern Genetic Analysis. Table of Contents Modern Genetic Analysis was written for instructors and students who need a textbook…

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