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Clues to aging found in stem cells’ genomes

Chicago, Feb. 13 — Stem cells that produce sperm use a genetic trick to stay perpetually young across generations, researchers at the University of Michigan (UM) Life Sciences Institute have discovered. The results have been newly reported in the journal eLife. Certain sections of the fruit fly genome get shorter with age. But remarkably, some…

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DNA and Technology

DNA and molecular biology has advanced by leaps and bounds. It has found use in pharmacology, genetic engineering in disease prevention, in increasing agricultural growth, in detection of disease and crime (forensics) etc. Some fields that have shown remarkable growth due to advances in DNA technology include: forensics bioinformatics pharmacology and nanotechnology archaeology and anthropometry…

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Isolating DNA fragments

Materials: 0.8 % agarose gel in 1x TAE Digested DNA Glass Milk NaI solution New Wash Procedure: 1) Run digested DNA out on agarose gel slowly (70 V on BioRad gel) 2) Use long wave UV lamp to visualize bands. Cut out band with scalpel. Cut smallest possible piece. 3) Put gel slice in an…

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E. coli Transformation

Long 1) Get 200ul aliquots of E. coli (DH5a for normal transformation or DE3 for expression) from -80C freezer and let thaw on ice. 2) Add DNA For plasmid: 1ul DNA desired For ligation: 10ul ligation reaction -Also include a negative control with no DNA. 3) Incubate for 30min on ice. 4) Heat shock for…

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E. coli Miniprep

1) Grow 2ml culture o/n. 2) Spin down. Pour off all but ~100ul of sup. Resuspend cells in the ~100ul. 3) Add 130ul P1. Resuspend. 4) Add 130ul P2. Mix immediately. 5) Add 182ul N3. Mix immediately. 6) Spin 10 min at 4C. (Removes genomic DNA and debris). 7) Transfer sup to a fresh eppendorf.…

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