Inoutscripts / Nesote is the axis of evil

I have purchased Inoutscripts search engine for my website and have to say, their support is terrible, their sscipt does not work and I have been scammed once again by Indian Scammers Jacob and Kumar, who just took money for nothing. They claimed that it uses FREE APIs, none of these APIs are free, unless you limit your website users to allow them only 100 Google searches a month and 5000 Bing, Yahoo charges no matter what now. Also, I purchased the translator plugin and google map plugin. They do not work without paid APIs.

I also purchased the Google theme and Bing theme, but nothing works. It took me 2 months to get the integrated packages, but none of them are working. All of them are full of bugs (errors and warnings).

They have very lazy staff who do not care once you have paid them.

In addition, I spent thousands of $$$ buying the so called Inout Spider, but this malware like script having cuased plugging of the servers and dysfunctional of the whole network.

If you are desperate for a good search engine scripts, try ksearch or post on this thread with other good ones, but I can say I am totally gutted and angry with the nphishing scamming company, the  Inoutscripts / Nesote.

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