Inout Scripts: learn from my experience to avoid your loss

I spent more than 10000 USD buying their Inout Scripts, including two with big data.

In addition, I invested much more in servers and other infrastructure.

My list of buying is as below.

The phishing scammers will not provide support, once you pay them.

To my surprise, not even one of these 13 scripts is working.

All the 13 Inout Scripts I purchased are full of bugs, and they are phishing scamming softwares.

I bought 4 APPs from them, but they did not give me any of the softwares so far.

The Inout Spider is just like a malware, which had caused the server and network down completely.

These terrible Indian scammers are Jacob, Kumar, Nair, and Saranya.

* Search engine v8 with above compatible addons cost : 1070 USD

Search engine v8  :449 USD

google theme: 175 USD

language translator: 99 USD

search maps: 149 USD

social plugin: 99 USD

social tab addon: 99 USD

*Spider Script ultimate edition  : 2950 USD

*Queryspace                               : 69.95 USD

*Article Base                               :149  USD

*Inout Videos                              : 149 USD

*Cerebrities                                 : 89.95 USD

*Web Portal+addon                    :249+149  USD     

*Adserver enterprise + all addons    : 1542 USD

Adserver plus all add ons :

Adserver enterprise edition  : 549 $

CPM Add on                         : 199 $

CPA Add on                          : 199 $

CPI                                       : 199 $

Html Add on                         :  99 $

Time targeting add on          :  99 $

Live Support Add on            :  99 $

Android app ad display add on :99 $

*Shopping Cart+addons                   :1945 USD

Multiple Vendor Edition $749

Mobile shopping   $199

Affiliate Addon $249

Android app  $349

Ios app $399

* Alipay and Tenpay integration in adserver script cost – 200 USD (no discount for this customisation amount)

*Webmail Hypertable Edition                           :1499 USD

*Inout Music                                                       :696                                                     

Ultimate edition              $297

Android app                    $399


Inout Socialtiles v2.0                   :447

Inout Socialtiles v2.0                     $249

Mobile addon                                $99

File share                                     $99

*Webmail Ultimate Edition+addon                        :497+149  USD

*Bulk domain loader                                               :100          USD

Bing theme:                     175 USD

Installation of Nutch:   480 USD


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