Inout Scripts: Adserver Enterprise edition is a scamming software

I purchased Inoutscripts adserver enterprise and all of its addons for 1542 USD. I checked with webmaster tools and found there were 10 errors and 16 warnings. The Cronjob was not working. The site had beed hacked several times due to its injection vulnerability.

I had difficult times, because their supporters did not provide effective help. They just run away with my money. They are terrible phishing scammers.

Adserver enterprise + all addons                     : 1542 USD

Adserver plus all add ons :

Adserver enterprise edition  : 549 $

CPM Add on                         : 199 $

CPA Add on                          : 199 $

CPI                                     : 199 $

Html Add on                          :   99 $

Time targeting add on           :   99 $

Live Support Add on              :   99 $

Android app ad display add on :99 $

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