How to make money with a blog

What with social media giants like Facebook and LinkedIn allowing you to make notes and articles?

Well, people still do. So if you’ve got a blog, and want to make some money, here’s some tips on what you should be doing.

To start with, how will you make money?

1) Put ads on your site and get paid per click (needs a lot of visitors)

2) Promote products or services for others and get paid a commission as an affiliate. Some people make a very handsome living off this, doing reviews, etc, and then the links are affiliate links. This is known as affiliate marketing.

3) Sell digital products and get paid, simply sell stuff!

4) Sell physical products. A good strategy is offer free products, just pay for shipping. This covers the shipping and cost of the freebie, but they are in your funnel and begin their journey with you towards their life time value.

5) Sell services. Are you a consultant? Your blog posts give all the reasons you should be hired, and remove all the benefits. So don’t forget to make your blog posts part of your funnel. This is content marketing.

So…. what about potential problems?

1) Don’t rely on one way to make money, mix them up and offer what you can.

2) Don’t rely on your blog as your sole source of income. Keep all channels open.

3) Don’t expect to buy a yacht in your first month…. Making money from a blog is a long term investment.

4) Keep your content flowing, like on social media. Your followers need to be reminded constantly that you exist.

5) Give awesome value! Become a magnet to your followers.

6) Don’t copy – stand out from the crowd. Don’t do a blog on how to make money, make it about how to make money using only a banana and a hammer.

7) Respond to comments, every comment. Your visitors will then engage with you as a person, not just “another website”. And they will be likely to comment again.

8) Don’t start a blog to just make money. Blog about what you love, first, and then plan to monetise it. You love fixing computers? Then blog about it first, and you will eventually sell your services as a computer technician. Etc…

Do you run a blog? I must admit it’s not a priority channel for me, so would love to see some of your posts.

Go ahead, link to your blog below

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