Standard FACS protocol

MIT Synthetic Biology Working Group Standardized FACS Protocol Draft 1 – 9/20/04

This protocol sets out to standardize the components of a FACS experiment necessary to allow repeatable and comparable results. The output of these experiments is typically fluorescence from a genetic regulatory network.

Media and Glassware

Provisionally, supplemented M9 media will be used for all cultures. The media recipe used by CC and JCB is –

  • 1x M9 Minimal Salts (from Sigma):
  • 12.8 g/L NaHPO4.7H20
  • 3.0 g/L KH2PO4
  • 0.5 g/L NaCl
  • 1.0 g/L NH4Cl
  • 0.1mM MgSO4
  • 2mM CaCl2
  • 0.4% Glucose/Glycerol
  • 0.1% Casamino Acids

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