Proper Method for Intraperitoneal Injections

Preferred site:

Animal’s lower left abdominal quadrant.

Needle size:

21 gauge or smaller (usually use 25 gauge for luciferin injection)


100ul of luciferin (15mg/ml stock) per 10 grams of mouse body weight.

Note: 1ml i.p. injection of a nonirritating solution is easily tolerated.

Position of animal:

Manually restrained, dorsal recumbency (abdomen side up), with cranial (head)

end of animal pointed down. Gently shake the mouse 2-3 times to encourage the

intestinal content downward and to create an empty cavity in the lower

abdominal quadrant. Prep the site with 70% ethanol.


Needle should be bevel-side up and slightly angled 15 – 20 degrees when

entering the abdominal cavity. Penetrate just through abdominal wall (about 4-

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