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  • If students are good at anything, it’s researching and writing. With the Amazon Kindle store, anyone can publish an eBook and make money.

    And the Kindle app is now available on almost any device (laptops, iP […]

  • Sexual reproduction

    Though cell reproduction that uses mitosis can reproduce eukaryotic cells, eukaryotes bother with the more complicated process of meiosis because sexual reproduction such as meiosis confers a selective advantage. Notice that when meiosis starts, the two copies of sister chromatids number 2 are adjacent to each other. During…[Read more]

  • Cell reproduction is asexual. For most of the constituents of the cell, growth is a steady, continuous process, interrupted only briefly at M phase when the nucleus and then the cell divide in two.

    The pr […]

  • Cell cycle regulation in mammals:

    Many different types of eukaryotic cells undergo size-dependent transitions during the cell cycle. These transitions are controlled by the cyclin-dependent kinase Cdk1. Though the proteins that control Cdk1 are well understood, their connection to mechanisms monitoring cell size remains elusive. A postulated…[Read more]

  • Animal testing, also known as animal experimentation, animal research and in vivo testing, is the use of non-human animals in experiments that seek to control the variables that affect the behavior or biological system under study. This approach can be contrasted with field studies in which animals are observed in their natural environments.…[Read more]

  • Department of Justice-appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller is conducting what is generally called a preliminary inquiry into possible obstruction of justice involving President Donald Trump, as it pertains to his broader investigation into Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election.

    Mueller was tasked with overseeing the investigation…[Read more]

  • The United States flew two supersonic bombers over the Korean Peninsula on Tuesday in a show of force against North Korea, South Korean officials said.

    The U.S. often sends powerful warplanes in times of heightened animosities with North Korea, and flew B-1B bombers several times this year as the North conducted a series of banned ballistic…[Read more]

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    spectacular waterfalls

  • Apple working with Health Gorilla to add health diagnostic data to iPhone: Report
    Apple is secretly working on to make the iPhone a medical record hub. The company has tied up with Health Gorilla in an aim to make the iPhone a central hub for all your health and medical information, reports CNBC. The publication notes that Apple is looking to…[Read more]

  • The world is widely considered to be on the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution – one where machines will be able to do many of the jobs currently performed by humans, and perhaps even do them better. It is a future that promises greater efficiency and cheaper services, but one that also could herald widespread job losses.
    It raises a t…[Read more]

  • Travelling to North Korea has always been a niche adventure for those seeking something off the beaten track.
    It’s also been one of the few doors left for any exchange with the country.
    But the death of US student Otto Warmbier might make travellers think twice whether the novelty factor of travelling to the world’s most secretive country is…[Read more]

  • 上海迪士尼可能是华特迪士尼最快有钱赚的乐园﹗华特迪士尼行政总裁艾格上星期透露,上海迪士尼开业1年,已接待超过1,100万名旅客,成为史上首年接待最多旅客的迪士尼乐园,并预言2017年财年可以收支平衡。反观“土炮”香港迪士尼乐园,在2016年财政年度亏损扩大15.5%至1.71亿元,来到2017年已是进入第13个年头,却败在上海迪士尼这个后起之秀,可能输在一个“人”字身上。

  • 缅甸当地媒体《十一新闻》《七日》等19日报道称,100多名缅甸商人在中国的1000多个银行账户6月15日被冻结,造成400亿缅币(合2942万美元)的资金无法流转。



  • 针对今天有报道称香港首富、长和系主席李嘉诚将在明年前退休,长和系发言人回应说,现在没有确切的退休时间表,如果李嘉诚决定了,将会正式公布。



  • 杭州市余杭区法院今天(20日)宣判一例“刷单入刑”案。据悉,这是中国全国首例组织刷单炒信被判刑案件。



    “会员在承接任务后,通过虚假交易并给予虚假好评的方式赚取任务点,使自己能够采用悬赏任务点的方式吸引其他会员为自己刷单炒信,进而提升自己淘宝店铺的销量和信誉,欺骗淘宝买家。”该案主审法官俞潇说,其间,被告人李某还通过向会员销售…[Read more]

  • Vladimir Putin offered Wednesday to help settle the controversy over claims President Trump shared classified intel with Russian diplomats.

    Railing against “dangerous” U.S. politicians whipping up “anti-Russian sentiment,” the Russian president dismissed the claim that Trump disclosed such information to Kremlin officials and offered to hand ov…[Read more]

  • A woman talking with him at roadside

  • Race relations in the United States today is worse in several decades and suffered incredibly during the administration of the first African-American president Barack Obama, according to the Attorney General of Indiana, which is home to a large number of Sikhs.
    Curtis Hill, in a recent interview to PTI, said he believes Obama’s successor in the W…[Read more]

  • A top Chinese diplomat today said his country would like India to look beyond mutual differences and join its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative in interest of the development of both countries. “We will welcome India joining (BRI initiative) as both India and China are developing,” said Chinese Consul-general in Kolkata Ma Zhanwu in the first med…[Read more]

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