Most frequently asked questions of Inoutscripts / Nesote Technologies

Q: Is Inoutscripts / Nesote Technologies a spammer?

A: Yes, they published thousands of hundreds ads, reviews, and posts all around the internet with false contents to induce amateurs to purchase so called Inout Scripts.


Q: Are the Inout Scripts scamming softwares?

A: Yes, Inoutscripts are faked scripts, which are full of bugs. I purchased 13 of them with all the addons, but none of them are working. Some of the softwares even can cause the down of servers and the whole network.


Q: Who is the head of the Inoutscripts / Nesote?

A: The scammers are led by a man named Marian Jacob. They are a group of  terrible scammers and thieves based in Kerala India.


Q: Will they refund once the scripts, once the softwares don’t work properly?

A: They will never refund wharever happen to the scripts, once you pay them. Warning: Don’t buy any thing from Inoutscripts / Nesote to avoid loss of USD.


Q: How about their tech support?

A: They never troubleshoot and fixed the errors in time, since they don’t have any professional developers at all. The support online did not solve any problems since they know how lousy their scripts are. They just blame your servers and network, whichever servers you have.


I tried the Inout Scripts with bluehost, hostmonster, godaddy and my own advanced servers, but none of the scripts were working. In addition, the servers and websites were hacked frequently due to these Inout Scripts.


Q: How about the customization of Inoutscripts / Nesote Technologies?

A: Actually, they don’t have professional codists at all. They just add some pre-made plugins or modules once you pay them. Unfortunately, none of these addons are working properly according to the experience myself.


They even took 2 months to hand over the customization charging me $480, but it did not work.


Q: How about the ios and android APPs of Inoutscripts / Nesote?

A: They list a lot of APPs online. I purchased 4 of them, but I did not get any of them up to now. They did not refund me till today, 3 years after payment.


Q: How about the personality of the team?

A: The head Marian Jacob, as well as the staff Kumar, Nair and Saranya, are dishonest guys. They are the axis of devil in the IT world.


Q: Did you sue them to the Paypal?

A: Yes, I did file disputes to the Paypal. The Paypal did not refund me since they said the scripts were not physical items. Paypal does not insure for products of softwares.


Q: Do you have a plan to file a lawsuit?

A: Yes, we’ll. Please contact me, if you are a victim of Inoutscripts / Nesote. Let’s work together to bring these bad guys to justice together.

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