Be Careful! Inout Scripts Web Portal is not working at all

I bought the inout scripts Web portal and its addon for $398 totally. They said this script integrated with the other scripts I purchased could make a yahoo style site. Finally, I found this script was not compatible with the other scripts. In addition, this software is full of bugs.

They took the money and left me nothing working. These Indian scammers are Jacob, Kumar, Nair, and Saranya. If you are a victim of Inoutscripts (Nesote), feel free to contact me and my attorney. Let’s bring these cheaters to justice together.

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  1. laker Reply

    You should never purchase the Inout Scripts. These scripts are full of issues, and they’ll never refund you a penny. Avoiding Inoutscripts and the scammers is avoiding loss of your money. They said: “Premium e-Commerce platform with Multi-Vendor capability. Start your own online shopping cart with multiple sellers, brands, categories in any currency. Sell physical or digital products in cyberspace to any buyer around the world. Inout Shopping Cart is far more than a storefront to sell your products. You can turn your ecommerce platform into a fully diverse multi-vendor shopping portal. More vendors, more buyers.” I purchased this inout script one year ago, but I had to give up finally. Why? There are 8 bugs and 23 warnings by code checking. The Cronjob data had never been renewed. The database was attacked 3 times. The technique support never solved the issues. They always blamed the servers, even though the servers were properly set up, and did not have errors by third party organization. The site and its owner would be sued by vendors at any time. It was a potential loss of huge money.

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