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Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) Protocols

Single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs (pronounced “snips”) are DNA sequence variations that occur when a single nucleotide (A,T,C,or G) in the genome sequence is altered. For example a SNP might change the DNA sequence AAGGCTAA to ATGGCTAA. For a variation to be considered a SNP, it must occur in at least 1% of the population.…

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Smart Celebrities

Smart Celebrities. Famous film stars. Super models in the world. Amateur film stars you may not know. Sexy girls who may become celebrities in 2018.        …

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Google Station free WiFi moves to smart cities

Google Station, the free WiFi service from the company is now moving to cities as the company plans to launch Google Station hotspots in Pune. Google has partnered with Larsen & Toubro, to bring 150 Google Station hotspots to Pune, as part of the Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited’s Smart City project. Google Station is…

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Facebook bans ads tied to Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies

Facebook Inc is banning ads on its social network that promote cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings and binary options, saying they’re ‘frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices.’ The policy will be ‘intentionally broad’ while Facebook works to understand which ads are deceptive or misleading, from companies ‘not currently operating in good faith,’ the company said…

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Robots could descend into old mines to prevent toxic spills

Crumbling mine tunnels awash with polluted waters perforate the Colorado mountains, and scientists may one day send robots creeping through the pitch-black passages to study the mysterious currents that sometimes burst to the surface with devastating effects. One such disaster happened at the inactive Gold King Mine in southwestern Colorado in 2015, when the Environmental…

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