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In Situ Hybridization

A modern approach to the specific location of genes on chromosomes is a technique for the hybridization of DNA and RNA “in situ.” With this procedure, specific radioactive RNA or DNA (known as probes) can be isolated (or synthesized “in vitro”) and then annealed to chromosomes which have been treated in such a manner that…

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Steps to take when buying real estate in Germany

Secure Your FinancingThe first step in purchasing real estate in Germany is securing financing. German law requires that the buyer present an irrevocable acceptance of loan financing with a reputable bank before going to sign the notary contract. Keep in mind that many real estate developers have existing relationships with financing banks – you should…

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Making money without leaving home

What if I were to tell you about an investment of less than $1000, that returned six figures each year, and that you could operate in your Spider-Man undies? These types of get-rich-quick emails clog up my inbox, but now I’ve met two young stay-at-home mums who have done just that. In between changing nappies,…

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Some notes of doing business in France

First, to consult lawyer 1.About visa Can the businessman directly apply for one-year businessman residence permit to prefecture after arriving in France by businessman visa? If so, what kind of qualifications do applicants need to have? What is the difference of Branches and subsidiaries of identity and residence? 2.Which one should be responsible if the…

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