5 tricks for spotting a bad boss during a job interview

It’s important to steer clear of a bad boss and an uncomfortable work environment. Day-to-day unhappiness can squash even the most optimistic professional’s career aspirations.

Here are five things to look out for in a job interview that can help you spot a bad boss:

  1. You had a bad gut feeling

Psychologist Amy Cooper Hakim, an expert on employer-employee relationships, encourages professionals to pay attention to their innate reaction.

“Go with your gut,” she tells CNBC. “If you feel uncomfortable during the interview, there’s probably a reason why.”

“Does she not make direct eye contact when speaking? Does she appear ‘too busy’ for you?,” says Hakim, co-author of “Working With Difficult People.”

Managers who come across as arrogant or say things like “that’s the way things are done around here” may very well end up being micro-managers or impolite, she says.

  1. The employees you met seemed miserable

“If [the employees] look miserable or overworked, then it is likely that you may be, too,” Hakim says.

In addition, be aware of how the boss treats his employees in the short time that you’re there. If he was mean to one of them, chances are you’ll receive the same treatment if hired.

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